TOP 5+ Best 3D Printer for Cosplay in 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

Needles, threads, tons of materials, and lots of hacks! That’s what making cosplay costumes, weapons, and fashion accessories required before 3D machines changed everything in the geek world.

Now you can be creative on your own, create your cosplay armors and add a special touch that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you want to craft small items, create helmets or print an entire outfit, we’ve got your back.

Here, you’ll find the best 3D printers for cosplay that’ll make you rock the next comic con and win multiple awards at custom parties. But above all, they’re going to make you fall in love with the tech!

Top 3 Best 3D Printers for Cosplay

Best Overall Best Overall Qidi Tech X-Plus
  • High Print Quality, Silent Operation
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Best For Large Armors Best For Large Armors Creality CR-10S
  • Huge Build Plate, High Speed
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Easiest To Use Easiest To Use  Dremel DigiLab 3D45
  • User Friendly, Top class Prints
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5 Best 3D Printers for Cosplay in 2020

1. Qidi Tech X-Plus: Best Overall Pick

When it comes to 3d printers for cosplay, X-Plus printer is a dream come true! With a large print volume of 275 x 200 x 200 millimeters and a resolution that ranges from 50 to 400 microns, this 3d printer for cosplay knows no limits when printing costumes, masks, and futuristic devices from sci-fi movies.

The highlight of this model is its dual extruder that doesn’t only allow for the use of various types of filaments but also enables you to print one object with multiple colors or more than one material. Plus, with the help of the two filament compartments and separate filament holders, you can manage your project easily without the need for stopping and changing the spools.

Combine that with the respectable print speed that goes beyond 100 millimeters/second, and you have a fun and flexible 3d printer for cosplay with endless applications just like these sticker printers.

In terms of user-friendliness, it’s super easy to use thanks to its intuitive touch screen, responsive software, and multiple connectivity options that allow you to control the process through your smartphone or PC in this 3d printer for cosplay.

Apart from the technical features in 3d printers for cosplay, the model comes fully assembled so that you can plug it in, load the filaments, level the bed, and start playing. The body is made from sturdy aluminum and takes the shape of a closed chamber that cuts down the machine’s noise and provides a safer environment for inexperienced users similar to these best printer for heat transfers 2020


  • Double extruders for multicolored objects
  • Processes different materials
  • Equipped with WiFi and Ethernet
  • Suitable for beginners and skilled users
  • High print quality
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy setup


  • Some materials stick to the print surface

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a do-it-all 3d printer for cosplay to nail your cosplay props and outfits, X-Plus won’t disappoint. It’s an all skill level unit that prints in multiple colors, accepts all types of filaments, and produces flawless 3D models with enhanced precision. 

2. Creality CR-10S Best For Large Armors

Forget about epoxy, superglue, and the multiple YouTube tutorials telling you how to join your giant cosplay prop because Creality CR-10S can print your large items in one go just like the best printer for cricut print and cut

Boasting a build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 millimeters, this model can print full masks, helmets, and swords, saving you the time of putting the small pieces together.

With larger objects, print flaws become more noticeable, but that’s not the case here. The 100- to 400-micron resolution allows you to control the layer thickness, which guarantees highly precise results with no rough surfaces or incorrect edges. The accuracy is maintained by the second rod for the z-axis that reduces the vertical wobbling when printing long objects in this 3d printer for cosplay. 

It supports more than 30 filament types and prints at a maximum speed of 180 millimeters/seconds. We’d have considered it the fastest 3d printer on this list if it wasn’t for the relatively long time taken by the bed to reach the needed temperature. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the fastest machines out there similar to these laser check printers.

The 3d printer for cosplay model is super easy to set up and won’t take more than 30 minutes to be ready to print. Unlike X-Plus, it sports an open design with a standard LCD screen and manual bed leveling, so it might not be the best option for novice users, even with its easy-to-use software.

We like that creality cr 10s has paid attention to the problems that arise when printing large projects like the spool running out or the progress going down the drain due to power outages. That’s why it equipped the model with a filament runout sensor and resume function that saves your progress so that you don’t have to start from scratch.


  • Huge build plate
  • High speed
  • Filament sensor and resume print function
  • Accepts a wide range of filaments
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Awesome print quality


  • Tricky manual bed leveling
  • Filament placement needs skilled hands

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a reliable machine that offers a huge build volume, easy setup, and highly precise prints at a wallet-friendly price. If finishing your cosplay projects in one go is what’s in your mind, CR-10S is your best pick.

3. Dremel DigiLab 3D45: Easiest To Use

For cosplayers, the fun is in impersonating their favorite video game or anime character, but with DigiLab 3D45, the process leading to this will be enjoyable as well. Built as a safe classroom machine, DigiLab 3D45 comes fully assembled as an enclosed unit with a transparent door that allows you to follow up on your objects.

3d printers for cosplay come with a plethora of easy-to-use and fun features that will keep beginners interested. For example, this 3d printer for cosplay integrates user-friendly software and a colorful touch screen that makes navigating the menus and controlling the functions much more straightforward.

To keep up with the project’s progress from a distance, the model offers connectivity options via WiFi and Ethernet. Not only that, but you can also use the built-in camera to monitor your prints from anywhere and make footages of your work to share them with your friends. 

If the 9-point leveling system seems tricky to you, the unit provides an extra option for automatic leveling. Moreover, like the CR-10S, there’s a filament runout sensor to resume printing it left off.

All these features are put in well use owing to the vast build volume/area that measures 254 x 152 x 170 millimeters together with the 50 to 300-micron resolution. The 3d printer for cosplay unit can take PLA, PETG, Eco-ABS, as well as nylon and the output quality is flawless similar to these cardstock invitation printers. 

Furthermore, this 3d printer works at a speed of 150 millimeters/second, which means you won’t be late for your next cosplay event even if you started planning late.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Various connectivity options
  • Built-in camera
  • Large build area
  • Top-class prints
  • printer Filament runout detector
  • Safe and quiet operation


  • Doesn’t accept third-party filaments
  • Filament choice is a bit limited

Bottom Line

Despite the hefty price, 3D45 3d printer is a worthy option for cosplay props artists who want to get into the world of 3D printing through a fun gate. It may not be the ideal cosplay option for experienced makers, but definitely a versatile and safe option for beginners.

4. Anycubic Mega S: Best Budget Pick

Looking for a more affordable option without compromising much? Well, Mega S 3d printer is here to make your day. For less than 300 bucks, you get a sturdy all-metal machine that integrates high-end features like a full-color touch screen, power recovery loss, and filament runout detector. 

Although it comes semi-assembled, it’s easy to put together even for beginners, and the operation has never been easier. Moreover, the box includes a variety of free filaments and an SD card with preloaded structures to help you get used to the process.

The most notable feature is the 210 x 210 x 205- millimeter cosplay printing platform that isn’t only large enough to print various masks and cosplay accessories, but also offers exceptional part adhesion. Covered with patented microporous coating, the bed holds the objects well while printing and ejects them quickly after the process is finished.

On top of that, it offers improved cosplay printing standard with layer thickness that ranges from 100-400 microns and works at a sufficiently fast speed of 20-100 millimeters/second. Moreover, it’s compatible with a wide range of filaments, including PLA, ABS, and TPU.


  • Affordable price
  • Robust all-metal frame
  • High-end printer features
  • Large print bed
  • Prints with high accuracy
  • Excellent object adhesion and ejection


  • No WiFi connectivity
  • Lacks automatic bed leveling
  • A bit noisy

Bottom Line

If you’re not ready to shell out a bunch of cash but want to have the possibility of creating any cosplay props item that gets in your mind, you can’t go wrong with Mega S 3d printer.

5. Monoprice Maker Select v2: Best Value For Money Pick For 3d Printing

Maker Select v2 provides an inexpensive start for cosplay props beginners and skilled users with the option for future upgrades like installing an additional extruder or a glass bed to support more materials. 

The starting form of the machine includes a 200 x 200 x 180 millimeters print bed packed in a sturdy aluminum frame that can take a beating. The heated print bed accommodates heat-sensitive materials like ABS along with standard filaments like PLA, nylon, and many others. 

Not only is it versatile enough to process various materials, but it also accepts third-party filament, which lowers the operation costs significantly like 3d miniature printers (check out our review)

What really makes this unit stand out is that despite its low price is that the print quality is exceptionally high with intricate details and high accuracy. No matter how many times you print the same object, it’ll come out with the same top-class quality. 

That’s made possible with the 100-400 layer resolution and 70 millimeter/second speed, which means that the machine focuses on the layers’ quality more than the speed by which it’s made.

Overall, the 3d printer for cosplay props comes at a reasonable price considering its high-tech features and promising print standard. Moreover, it’s compatible with multiple slicers and takes about two hours to assemble, making it an excellent option for both skilled and novice users.


  • Reasonable printer price
  • Top-class print quality
  • Open for future upgrades
  • Sufficiently-big build area
  • Sturdy construction
  • Accepts third-party filaments
  • One-year warranty


  • Lacks filament runout sensor
  • No WiFi option
  • No auto-calibration

Bottom Line

This workhorse of a 3d printer is a reliable option for cosplay props artists looking for exceptional print standard along with the possibility for future cosplay upgrades in 3d printing. In other words, Maker Select v2 3d printer is a lifelong investment for users from all skill levels.

How to Choose the best 3D Printer for Cosplay?

Before going for the best 3d printer, there are some questions you need to answer. For example, what size cosplay objects are you planning to print with 3d printing? Are you using it for simple costumes or complicated designs? Do you want to print in colors with 3d printers? 

Try answering these 3d printers questions first and you’ll have a better idea about what you should look for in a 3d printer. To make things easier, here are the points on which we think you should focus before buying a 3d printer.

Type and Materials in 3d printing

First things first, you should know that a 3D printer is either heat-based or resin-based. Most cosplay artists go for the former type as it’s cheaper, more versatile, and allow for the use of various materials. 

Speaking of the 3d printer cosplay materials, you’ll want to build armors and costumes with different textures and colors. A 3d printer that accommodates PLA and ABS are okay for basic designs. 

However, to open the door for building more creative cosplay items, look for machines that support a wider range of filaments together with exotic filaments materials like printer carbon fiber, wood, FLEX, and metal filaments. These will help you print swords, weapons, and props more similar to the real deal.

Build Volume Of 3d Printer

The cosplay build volume is the area where you’re allowed to get creative with 3d printing. You can’t go further than this printing area, so make sure that your biggest object is smaller than your machine’s build volume to get the best 3d printers. 

Typically, when it comes to cosplay items, a large build volume is preferred. That’s because unless you want small items like Naruto’s headband or Doctor Who’s screwdriver, you’re going to print large wearable objects with a large build volume.

There’s always the option of cosplay printing a big item in pieces then welding or gluing it together. However, it’s a lot harder to put a helmet together than making it in one go with 3d printers for cosplay. So a build volume of 250 x 250 x 250 millimeters or bigger is always a better option. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you’ll be keeping this 3d printers for cosplay at home most of the time in 3d printing, and the bigger it is, the more space it’ll occupy. Moreover, larger build volumes come at higher prices, so you might want to consider your storage place and budget as well. 

Ease of Use of best 3d Printers

Remember that you want to build costumes, not gigantic 3D machines with the best 3d printer. Hence, it’s always better to have a machine that works straight out of the box without the need for putting its pieces together. Sometimes a machine takes a full day to assemble, and the process itself is a pain, so you want to avoid that as much as possible.

Moreover, if you’re new to the game of 3d printing, any best 3D printer would look intimidating at first, so you should go for the easiest to operate. And by that, we mean the ones that use user-friendly software and intuitive interfaces as they are your way of interacting with the machine. Also, make sure to check out our guide on hp wireless printer setup which can be applied to other brands printers as well including 3d printers.

Lastly, opt for units that come with touch screens that allow you to keep track of the cosplay process and control the printer temperature, resolution, and cosplay printer filament feed. 

Resolution and Speed of 3d printer

Attention to detail is what makes a professional cosplay. Thus, having a machine that prints high-standard objects with high accuracy is essential. 

The 3d printing cosplay resolution and speed are what determine the print standard of the best 3d printer. To understand both cosplay units, you should know that a 3d printer builds an object in layers. The layer resolution is a measurement of the thickness of each layer. The thinner the layers, the smoother the printed surface will be, yet the more time it’ll take to finish the project. 

If you’re picking the best 3D printer for cosplay, that means time isn’t a crucial aspect since mostly there are no last-minute projects or delivery dates for clients. However, high print standard is a must, so picking a 3d printer with a higher resolution won’t be much of a compromise.

Time to Get Creative with 3d printing

At the end of the day, it all depends on the user’s creativity with 3d printing, dedication, and hard work. However, a versatile and well-built machine can make all the difference in the world with 3d printing. 

That’s why we consider X-Plus printer as the best 3D printer for cosplay currently on the market. This cosplay 3d printer unit is super versatile with its ability to print in different colors and with any material that comes to mind. Besides being suitable for all skill levels, it’s reasonably priced and offers high print grade for the price.

If you’re the type who likes to get their items done in one sitting, Creality CR-10S printer would be your best 3d printer option. With a huge print bed, filament sensor, and resume print function, printing large helmets and props will be a piece of cake. 

Finally, if a cheaper road is what’s in your mind, Mega S offers all the features you need to get your costumes and accessories ready at a very competitive price. 

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