TOP 7+ Best Printer For Art Prints & Artists [2022]

How do you make high quality art prints? Would you risk and use a standard printer expecting the best results?

Never! If you want the best printer for printing your arts at home, then you must invest time in in-depth research from the flooded market.

But we have exciting news for you. In this review, we have used and researched hundreds of the latest printer for art prints in the market. What you are looking for in a printer is covered in the 7 Best printers for the art prints section below.

Top 3 Printer For Art Prints

Best Features Best Features Epson XP-15000
  • Portable,
  • Professional Ultra-HD photos
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All-in-one model All-in-one model Canon Pixma MG3620
  • Inexpensive,
  • Portable
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Best Multipurpose Best Multipurpose  HP ENVY 7855
  • Wireless,
  • Alexa support
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7 Best Printer For Artists Reviews

1. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Printer: Best Features

Epson brand is one of the leading printer brands on the market. Their consistency in producing the best printers has seen them dominate the market. We included the Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 in our list because it is widespread, and artists are finding it hard to change the brand.

This printer delivers professional Ultra HD photo quality such that you get the brilliant borderless and complete photos on your standard art paper. It is the kind of fine art photo you would want to have and show to your clients confidently.

Additionally, the sublimation printer epson model has individual six-color Claria expression photo HD ink cartridges which includes red and grey inks so that you can print with variations and achieve the best quality prints. This is supported by the sound pressure level of 49 DB(A).

This expression photo hd xp versatile printer is critical when it comes to professional printing since it features the adequate capacity rear paper rack. This section accommodates 50 pieces of art paper with sizes ranging between 4 inches X 6 inches to 13 x 19 inches. This is why the epson printer supports borderless paper printing so that you can avoid the hustle of trimming the edges.

Furthermore, this printer is an A3 size which means it fits in your smaller spaces without taking much of an artists working space. This makes the expression photo hd suitable for artists and office use. Besides, the smaller size is portable for artists similar to these best epson printer for heat transfers.

As much as this epson printer looks small, it holds 200 papers on the front tray which relieves you from continuous paper feeding. This means that you can print a large amount of work continuously. Again, the epson expression photo hd model supports auto two-sided document which saves time when compared to the stranded models that required you to turn the page for printing on the other side like these best cheap 3d printer for miniatures.


  • Small hence it’s portable and saves space
  • Has the rear and front tray for paper fill
  • The dash replenishment feature ensures you never run out of ink cartridges
  • Supports two-sided artists printing
  • Delivers professional ultra-HD upto 13 x 19 sizes photos


  • Designed for use with Epson ink cartridges only.

Bottom Line

Overall, I liked the dash replenishment feature in this best printers for art, which keeps track of ink usage and alerts you for a refill when the ink is low. This means that your art printer will never run dry and this reduces the operational and maintenance costs and makes it low.

2. Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All In One Color Inkjet Printer: All-in-one model

Another popular printer for fine art prints is the Canon Pixma MG3620. With over 6000 reviews of the canon pixma, the model has a place in the modern market as the best printer for cardstock printing along with for art prints. I loved the simple design that comes with excellent construction. It is popularly known as the All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer.

The first feature that distinguishes this printer from the competitors is the wireless easy print from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet. No need for cables and additional attachments. Moreover, the incredible 4800 x 1200 maximum color dots per inch is all that you need to get the high-resolution prints with detail and precision. This best printers for art delivers that.

Another feature of Pixma that I found compelling on this printer is that it supports Airprint, Google Cloud Print, NFC, Mopria, and Canon Print which makes the print speed fast and short when compared to other models that require you to convert or download the documents. In case you face any issues with connection, you can check out our setup guide on how to add a printer to a mac.

Additionally, this printer for art prints has a compact size and space-saving design, so it is possible for artists to have it on your countertop without the worry of space. Besides, the feature makes it portable so that you(artists) can choose it for versatility in your different locations.

It is simple to use with a quick wireless setup. Always have a strong internet connection for faster prints and reliability. Also, the art printer supports two-sided printing preventing you from turning the pages over and over. This saves time as well as makes the costs low just like these best sticker printers and cosplay printers which can be found here.


  • Supports print, copy, and scan thus efficient
  • Wireless compatibility thus reduces the time
  • Compact size and lightweight for portability and storage
  • Delivers wide high quality prints in HD
  • Supports high quality color mobile device printing
  • Inexpensive printer for artists and office color use


  • Sometimes the starter pigment based inks are not included in the package as promised
  • Some devices will not connect to the system as the printer is selective

Bottom Line

Lastly, the three-in-one main printing features makes you able to print, scan and photocopy your wide sizes of documents in this best printers for art. These are the basics you need in a reliable printer. Nevertheless, you get high-quality prints for your art at affordable price tag.

3. HP ENVY Photo 7855 All-in-One Printer: Best for Multipurpose use

Are you unsure about the type of printer you need for your fine art prints? Worry no more. I have tried and tested the HP ENVY Photo 7855 printer, and for sure, it has the size and specifications to do the printing for you in detail. I liked the design, which makes the printer compact and thus it’s portable for print use. This means that you can trust the art printer for your home or office printing.

It is an all-in-one wireless photo printer that prints, scans, and copies, among other functions that require a subscription. Also, the model supports mobile printing from your device like the smartphone. Besides, you can do wireless printing without a network; thanks to the Wireless Direct Printing feature like these best printer for envelopes and labels.

HP ENVY supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ethernet connection systems where you print with the method convenient for you. This makes the entire process more comfortable and fun to use. Sometimes eliminating cables entirely creates space and reduces the chances of a breakdown.

You will like the compatibility of this printer which works with Alexa for voice control. This means you can initiate commands and get the required responses from a variety of sections in your printing zone. Unfortunately, you will need a subscription for Alexa. However, if you are a teacher you can also take a look at these best hp printers for teachers

The HP Envy Smart app is another printer app that is powerful when compared to the rest of the competitors on the market. It enables you to connect the printer with all your devices so that you can print with ease from different sources. Download the app and try it out using this best printers for art.

The printer notifies you when the ink is running low so that you can replenish it. This is courtesy of the HP Envy Instant Ink or Amazon Dash replenishment. Your printing, therefore, runs smoothly without the worry of ink shortage. You can, therefore, print plenty of artwork to completion just like in the case of these inexpensive 3d printers.


  • The wireless operation makes the printing process easier
  • Compatible with your portable devices for quality printing
  • Has notifications for you to refill the ink and ensure that you don’t run out of ink
  • Supports Alexa for voice control


  • The photo paper tray glides freely, and there is no rear paper guide that keeps the papers out of place.

Bottom Line

Overall, this model supports a wide range of paper size, and that is why you will load the tray with papers, and the printer adjusts according to the paper type to give you the needed sizes of printouts.

4. Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless Color Professional Inkjet Printer: The sleek printer for your prints

Next on our list is a printer which is a bit higher in terms of price tag and quality. Most users refer to it as the coolest printer on the market. Looking at the design, you will love the stylish appearance, which adds decor to your office or home countertop as per your need.

This canon pixma pro-100 unit is compact thus it’s portable and occupies little space. You will find it useful in your small areas which makes it suitably great for instant prints. When it comes to color prints, this printer stamps authority. The 8 Dye-based inks deliver amazing gradients and colors. Among these colors, three are dedicated and produces good black and white quality sizes of prints.

Additionally, the canon pixma pro-100 printer has a large capacity to hold papers. For instance, you will feed the tray with 150 plain sheets of paper or 20 photo hd sheets or 10 sheets of paper for letter prints. This makes the printer a versatile model for your art prints.

Furthermore, the Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity in pro-100 allows you to hold the printer for art prints in whichever place you prefer and connect to your various computers for easy printing in this best printers for art. Besides, the canon pixma pro-100 model comes with a patented print head to deliver high print resolution up to 4800 x 2400 dpi. This is excellent for your art prints.

You don’t want to miss the fantastic Print Studio Pro Plug-in software, do you? Now, this software offers smooth photo prints which makes the entire outcome very professional and as per your need. Besides, the Uniform black Ink Height also plays a crucial role in ensuring that the printed photo hd in high dpi print resolution keeps the natural color by preventing reflection.


  • Pixma pro Supports wireless prints for a variety of printing needs such as black and white print.
  • Works correctly with compatible mobile devices
  • Features versatile paper handling to ensure two-sided paper prints is working
  • Has eight individual inks and delivers up to 4800 dpi
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS
  • CD./DVD prints supported in canon pixma pro-100


  • Costly choice but offers excellent value
  • Setting it up for use is challenging

Bottom Line

All in all, the professional printer supports high-speed USB where you plug in and print photos hd in high dpi print resolution faster than competitors in the same category. This saves time and allows you to print more within a limited time and satisfies your need.

5. Brother Business Color Laser Printer: Best for speedy prints

Brother Business Color Printer is another giant in the market of best printers for art. When it comes to high-quality color prints, this HLL8360CDW model prints professionally. We searched for a competitor in the same category, but none came closer to this model. What then makes it unique?

The inkjet printer for art prints, prints at speeds of up to 33 ppm, which saves time and supports bulk prints. Another right feature is the secure connectivity where you pair via wireless or Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces or wireless print via your mobile devices. This ensures versatility and hence an outstanding value you get from the inkjet printer.

How about the two-sided prints? This is one of the critical features I pay attention to when it comes to selecting printers for art prints. I value time, and with this printer’s automatic duplex printing system, it is easy to print the two sides of the paper faster, which makes the entire process effective.

Another great addition is the dash replenishment. This is where you get notified when the color ink levels fall below the required levels in this best printers for art. Thus, you will refill it faster and never miss the print sequence. This allows you to print various sizes continuously with satisfactory results.

It is also lightweight and compact such that you can carry it from place to place and printing your art prints. This is an advantage since the model supports wireless print. Likewise, the design fits correctly in various spaces without sacrificing the results.

If you are looking for three things, i.e. low-cost prints, professional business print quality output, and triple-layer securing, then the only professional printer that has the three at once is this Brother model. Also, the paper tray is adjustable and carries 250 plain papers for print. You have an option to add more trays for continuous quality prints.


  • Supports wireless networking for a variety of prints
  • Mobile print is also supported
  • High color print quality with a speed of 33 ppm
  • Supports 2 sided print
  • Dash replenishment enabled


  • Big and takes more space than competitors, but it still offers the best services.

Bottom Line

Generally, the model is affordable, despite the features available. I would recommend it to graphic artists who value print quality and are currently looking for a budget-friendly inkjet printer for art prints.

6.Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer: Best for outdoor print

In the second last spot on our list is the Canon SELPHY CP1300 for artists. You can make a whole difference in the artwork using this printer. 

The kind of photos and graphic that come out of this machine are on a different level. They dry instantly and apart from that, they promise you a lifetime of 100 years plus. Besides, the water-resistant photos from the printer give you relief in case of water droplets or unpredictable rainy weather.

With the Canon PRINT app installed on your tablet or smartphone, you will be able to do tablet printing for every printables with ease with this printers for art prints. Besides, you can print directly using the high-speed USB connection available once you connect to your device.

This Canon inkjet printer allows you to print wherever you are. Thanks to the backup battery and the small design which facilitates portability. The design also fits in small spaces, which is effective if you have limited storage space. This is the only small, sleek inkjet printer you can have in the office and still use the space available for additional artwork.

Something that sets the inkjet printer above the competitors is the available tilting LCD. It allows you to adjust the image before printing to get an exact photo that you wanted from your graphic art print. Also, the model support the tray capacity to hold more than 15 photo print papers for pretty print quality sizes of photos.


  • Works impressively with the Canon PRINT app on your smartphone and tablet
  • Has a tilting LCD for accurate pictures resizing
  • Photos feature high quality and stand a test of time
  • Highest print resolution on your photos guaranteed
  • Sleek and small design hence attractive and portable


  • The small-sized pictures printed since the printer is small.

Bottom Line

Overall, the printing levels in terms of variation of colors range in hundreds, and this the optimal printing resolution for a clear photo. All in all, this inkjet printer has the right size for fitting in your room as artists. Also, it features good specs to meet and even exceed your expectations as a graphic artist.

7. Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer: Best for wide format prints

Another all-in-one printer is here for your artistry work. This printer made it to our list because it supports Copy, Scan, Fax, Wi-Fi Direct, and Ethernet; thus, a multipurpose printer you can trust for all your work. The model supports a variety of needs using the available and conventional operating systems.

When it comes to power consumption, this printer beats the majority of brands in the market. It consumes up to 80% less power but still delivers good results from the prints. With the dual trays and high volume of paper print, you are sure to get a continuous session through the cycle.

Additionally, the model has a fantastic design which makes it compact and thus it’s portable or even easy to store. The printer also supports two-sided auto print. Once you fit the command, the printer responds swiftly and prints your graphic artwork with speed.

This printers for art prints and artists also features an intuitive navigation system where you use the touchscreen LCD to give commands for print. This makes the entire process smooth and easy to tackle. Above all, it becomes fast, thus saving your hours. Based on this feature, you can see that the printer is an excellent value for money, isn’t it?

Additionally, this Epson printer, unlike other models, supports large scans up to 11″ X 17″ paper with 2-sided auto document feeders. This makes it a unique brand for you to use at the office and home prints.


  • It is a multipurpose printer to support your activities
  • Prints large volume of paper at ago
  • Supports large scans which other regular art printers won’t
  • Very compact for secure storage and portability
  • Has a touchscreen to make the operation swift through a finger touch
  • Power efficiency is 80% lesser than the usual types


  • Printer Uses only the Epson cartridges only 
  • It is difficult to start if you don’t have the manual

Bottom Line

Finally, this great printers for art prints supports wireless printing and comes with an instructional manual to make your work more manageable and fast and how to fix spooling issues. This is where you don’t need training, but you train yourself from the available manual and use it competently for your graphic printing needs.

Final Words

Are you ready to present an impressive physical copy of your artwork with these printers for art prints? There is always no room for second-guessing for artists. Jump straight to the list above and pick the 7 Best printers for art prints and for artists. The models were carefully selected from hundreds online and narrowed down to the seven above. These printers for art prints meets or even exceeds the print quality and suitability of all your print needs. Be sure to accomplish your desires using any of the paper printers above.

As a matter of fact, the best printers for art prints selected have the best print quality yet cost-effective or low cost with support. I recommend them to passionate artists who want a professional look at their final artwork. If you have questions about the art printers, kindly leave a reply below, and we promise to guide you through. Also, you may check out our review of the best 11×17 printers and best sublimation printers.

We hope we’ve helped the artists in one way or another! Also, make sure to check out or guide on hp printer wireless setup!

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