TOP 10+ Best Printer for Checks in 2022 [Buying Guide]

Gone are the days when you would present yourself to the bank for a checkbook. The process was cost involving and, at times, time-consuming.

With the modern check printers, I would confidently say that users are ripping from their investments.

Have you acquired one for your business? If not, then you are in the right place. In case you have a check printer, then the available recommendations will still benefit you.

In this review, we have selected the 10 best printers for checks for you. 

Top 3 BEST Printer for Check Printing

Best Versatile Best Versatile HP Deskjet 3755
  • Multipurpose,
  • Easy to use for Print jobs
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Best Wireless Best Wireless Toner Laserjet M15w
  • Versatile,
  • Wireless
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Professional Prints Professional Prints  Stealth HP 1112iMX
  • Portable,
  • Bank Quality Checks
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10 Best Printer for Checks in 2021

1. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755 MX MICR: Best for versatility

Did you know that not all check printing printers deliver all-in-one functionality? Well, the exception is this VersaCheck HP Deskjet, which is famous for the all-in-one operation. This HP will print, copy, and scan your checks. 

The printer uses the Versaink magnetic black ink MICR, which is bank compliant. This makes the checks valid for your customers and reduces the frequency of visits to the bank. This makes your overall printing work profitable, and the high-quality checks accepted at the bank. 

Another notable feature of this printer is the super lightweight design. The manufacturer considered portability and ensured that they used lightest materials to reduce the strain when transporting to your working location. 

Furthermore, the model is network ready. It relies on the Built-in Wireless 802.11b/g/n connectivity for wireless printing which can be setup using our guide on how to add printer to mac, which makes the pages per minute print fast and more manageable. No more printing of soft copy checks through cables connectivity. This connectivity feature does not eliminate cable connectivity completely, but your cable preference is still an option for print.

Everything you need to print your checks is in the package. Also, the type supports a variety of papers for easy prints, and that is why you may consider it for versatility. Conclusively, the printer is compatible with various operating systems for use just like these inkjet printer for heat transfer. Connect to your mac or windows system and print.


  • Multipurpose check printer
  • Accepts a variety of papers
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Lightweight and thus portable for check printing
  • Compatible with your wireless gadgets


  • Sometimes the wireless connectivity is unreliable for print, and this is where the alternative of a cable connectivity comes in.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the reliable printer for checks with an all-in-one operation, then this is the most recommended deal. It has the quality and specs for your business. Try it and see the results instantly.

2. Renewable Toner Laserjet M15w Check Printer: Best wireless printer

Tired of wired printers? You need this Renewable Toner Printer as a suitable replacement. The wireless printing mode allows you to connect the printer to the wireless devices and print instantly. This saves time and price/cost of printing with an overall quantity of checks printed.

The printer is also one of the few stress-free models to get since it comes with the Toner Cartridge for check printing already preinstalled. This makes the other adjustments much easier for you.

Additionally, the yield is above the usual standard with 1,000 standard pages; prints 3,000 checks at 3 per page printing speed. This makes it a value printer for productivity and profit to your small or midsize business similar to other Best Printers for Cardstock.

Other than the printer’s attractive design which is found in these best 11×17 printers, you will still love the small and compact nature that allows for portability and easy storage. Also, it boasts of the best quality; thus, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the toner cartridge and a three-month warranty on the check printer.


  • Versatile for your printing needs
  • Wi-fi/Wireless for quick printing
  • Easy to install and adjust for use
  • Compact and easy to carry and store
  • Has an attractive warranty on and reliable customer care service


  • The warranty on the printer is not adequate
  • The check printing software and MICR fonts sold separately

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a suitable printer for printing checks if you are looking for a reliable wireless type. It comes with an attractive warranty on the toner cartridge, thus fulfilling. The quality is superb hence worth your money. You may try it out and save as you print using this paper printer for checks similar to these dye sublimation printers.

3. Stealth HP 1112iMX – Ultra-Secure MICR Check Printer: Best Printer for professional prints

The Stealth VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112iMX is another unique check printer designed for those who value professional prints. The model is compatible with the bank’s quality, where the paper print meets all the bank requirements. This makes it suitable for your bank payments and thus saves time and money.

Additionally, the check printer is a small-sized model. The designer made it compact to ensure that it fits in small spaces. The design is attractive just like these top 3d printer for making miniatures, and the white color makes it attractive hence good in your room.

This printer for printing checks is just like the versacheck hp deskjet 1112mx micr printer comes with 50 sheets of printing papers to have your first checks in place without incurring the additional costs of buying the papers. Also, the model has the Stealth UV Display Light to enhance visibility and clarity of color when in use like these chromebook printers recommendations you can check out.

Finally, this excellent check printer comes with 125 blank security checks and VersaCheck Presto software to print with ease and get the quality print checks with a security check. Note that these additional security checks are sold separately in competing best printers like these.


  • Made from good materials thus durable for check printing
  • Comes with free software and security for printing checks
  • The printing checks meet bank requirement
  • The check printer is small and hence portable


  • Doesn’t support wireless printing

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Stealth HP 1112iMX on Amazon is among the multipurpose best printers that are affordable currently on the market. This is the time to stop those bank routines and produce your standard printing checks using this model.

4. Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI Wireless Monochrome Laser Check Printer: Top Value Printer To Print checks

Another great check printing printer you should trust with your check projects is this Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI. Other than the small size that fits in limited spaces, the printer works as a multipurpose type for printing additional work. This defines the value which the printer has for you.

Furthermore, this best printer for checks is a good yielding type and produces 1,500 standard pages and prints 4,500 checks at 3 per page. This is cost-effective, and hence a great model if you want to improve your business output. Again, servicing takes time until you have met the required number of papers printed.

This printer is a high-performance model and features a built-in wireless system. This means it is suitable for quick printing and also easy to have in a small room. Consequently, it is easy to set it in any location in your room and print instantly from compatible devices. More over, it is very user friendly and has almost none technical issue such as spooling. If you are new to printers, check out What Does Spooling Mean on a printer.

Finally, it comes with a warranty of one year on the printer and a lifetime warranty on the cartridge (toner) similar to these 3d printing for cosplay. You may buy it confidently and request for help since the warranty covers your purchase.


  • Sizeable to fit in small spaces for check printing
  • Features a lifetime toner cartridge warranty
  • Made for durability
  • Has a high yielding capacity for check printing need
  • Features a built-in wireless system


  • Costly when compared to the printers in the same bracket

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a bank compliant model on Amazon that will see all your checks accepted at the bank. It is a portable courtesy of its size, thus an excellent deal for office and home use as checks best printer. Worry less about the pricey nature since the overall outcome is above other standard best printer.

5. Renewable Toner Laserjet M402dw MICR Check Printer: magnetic toner printer

Most businesses make trips to the bank and waste a lot of profitable time. This should not be the case for your business when you acquire the Renewable Toner Laserjet M402dw. This model fits correctly in small spaces despite the midsize design. This means that you may trust it for home and office use.

Additionally, the model features a magnetic toner which guarantees bank acceptance. Therefore, you will print a lot of checks and stop the frequent visits to the bank in search of checkbook need. This is perfect for anyone who wants and need to save time and resources for business printing.

The cartridge (toner) yield is also on a higher level where the printer guarantees you 3,100 standard pages at 5% coverage and prints 9,300 checks @ 3 per page making it one of the best printer for printing. This is precise if you like fast pages per minute and long-term printing need for your work.

It also supports wireless networks and is always ready for pairing with compatible devices. If you prefer buying one with USB section, then get the USB cable for data transfer when you want to print checks using this laser printer, unlike some inkjet printer.


  • High yielding capacity when compared to the competitors
  • Has a magnetic toner that delivers the bank acceptance outcomes from your checks
  • Fits in small spaces thus great for small business
  • Durable construction thus long-lasting for check printing
  • Supports wireless wi-fi connectivity
  • Fast pages per minute printing speed


  • Sometimes challenging to operate without a manual

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a big yielding and one of the best printer for printing on Amazon you can trust for printing checks. It eliminates the bank trips and thus a profitable model you can buy. Luckily, it is cost-effective and arrives with alternative printing options such as USB.

6. MICR Toner International Laserjet M402dw Magnetic Ink Check Printer: Easy operation printer for check printing

MICR Toner International is another reliable laser printer. I liked the model since it is the most sought after check printer with an easy operation interface. You don’t have to panic if you are an amateur since the programs on this printer come with a manual for guidance.

The laser printer features a compact design to correctly fit your countertop without eating much of your limited space. Additionally, the type has a well-lit LCD where you view the commands for accuracy. This ensures that the setting you put in the printer gives you the required check.

This MICR Toner International also ranks better among yielding models that provide 3,100 pages and prints 9,300 checks @ 3 per page. This makes it suitable for your bulky work and even for a profitable business. Say no to frequent bank visits by buying this model similar to these best printer for planner stickers.

Finally, the laser printer features a magnetic toner for printing checks. This means that your printed check will meet the standard, thus great for a profitable business.


  • Supports wireless wi-fi print operation
  • Easy to operate and print unlike competitors
  • Features a high yielding capacity for check printing
  • Comes with magnetic toner


  • Not affordable if you are on a budget for printers

Bottom Line

Finally, this is one of the best printer for printing on Amazon supports wireless printing checks, which makes your overall pages per minute print fast. I would recommend this best printer to users who value excellent output from a high-grade printer who need fast pages per minute printed. Even though it is slightly priced unlike a cheap sublimation printer, you will still reap the value from the outcomes.

7. Renewable Toner Laserjet M402DN MICR Check Printer: Print Quality for bank acceptance

Are you looking for a laser printer that gives you the checks for a guaranteed acceptance? Well, I have tried the Renewable Toner Laserjet M402DN MICR  model, and this is what you need for printing checks. The quality print cartridge makes it simple for the printer to work for you and deliver the print results as intended.

When compared to competitors in the same bracket on the yield, you will find out that the model has the highest yield with 3,100 standard pages; prints 9,300 checks at 3 per page. This makes it simple for you to print checks and serve after a long time using these best printers.

The laser printer also features a cool design with a compact make to allow for quick carrying and storage. The small design also occupies small spaces making the printer a precise option for home or office use like this fastest 4×6 photo printer.

Furthermore, the laser printer has a high-grade plastic cover, which prevents damage to the interior specifications. Therefore, the manufacturer gives you a warranty of 6 months on the printer buying, lifetime warranty on the cartridge, and continuous customer care support for you to enjoy the services.


  • High-quality printing checks accepted by the required standards
  • High yield capacity when compared to the standard models
  • Compact and lightweight to fit in small spaces and also for portability
  • Made from good plastic cover hence safe for use


  • The check printing software and MICR fonts sold separately

Bottom Line

The printer for printing checks is among few types that are simple to operate and space-saving. Since it delivers the checks accepted, you may now grow your business without making trips to the bank for a checkbook.

8. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer: Best Printer for space-saving need

The versacheck hp deskjet 1112mx printer is a small compact printer for printing designed to fit in small spaces. This makes it suitable for home and office need. Additionally, the compact nature allows you to transport it from one place to the other more easily as per your print need.

The print quality complies and features with the bank’s requirements since the printer for printing features the magnetic (MICR) Versa ink. This makes printing checks original and fraud-free. You may now transact your businesses more efficiently as you save time on print.

Unlike other printer models such as hp laserjet pro p1109w that require you to purchase specific software for use, this versacheck hp deskjet 1112mx micr printer comes with VersaCheck Presto software download & check Paper features. All these make your printing start more manageable. You end up saving on the costs.

This versatile features printer to print a check will help you in printing checks, photos, and even documents. This makes the printer precise for both home and office use. The varied use is also cost-effective when compared to other print units that perform a single print task as before.


  • Lightweight and compact make for portability and print
  • Useful for a variety of printing tasks other than the check printing
  • simple to set up and use printer for quick need
  • Printer Comes with software for free check printing


  • No wireless capability in printers
  • No USB cable included with the printer for connectivity

Bottom Line

This is a printer for printing checks with a budget-friendly cost. You can use it for a variety of print tasks, including printing great checks. Even though the printer isn’t wireless, you will still find it useful with a cable connectivity for print job. Ensure you read the manual to enhance proper functioning to print checks.

9. Be Green Ink Laserjet M15w MICR Check Printer: Environment-friendly printer

If I were to repeatedly buy a paper check printer, I wouldn’t deviate from this Be Green Ink Laserjet M15w. The magnetic ink character recognition printer is a high-quality print model, and the manufacturer guarantees your money back or instant replacement in case of anything. This is an industry-leading warranty you can’t resist, isn’t it?

One factor that distinguishes this best printer for printing checks from the usual types is the big yielding capacity. For instance, the model has 1,000-page yield and prints 3,000 checks at 3 checks per page, which is sufficient to run you for days before service. Even so, it brings out the real value of the printer.

This paper printer for printing checks is ISO approved and eco-friendly for print, which means you have a legit purchase. Besides, you are using a printer that has no side effects when in the natural environment.

Apart from that, you can easily connect tablet to printer and print directly. This saves you time. Best of all, the printer has a small design that fits correctly in smaller spaces, thus suitable for home and office use.

Finally, the customer care service is reliable. Your concerns are sorted out instantly. You can happily buy this magnetic ink character recognition printer for check printing and see how your printing checks will differ from the types of the standard printer.


  • Versatile for your printing needs
  • simple to operate since the printer comes with a manual
  • Small and compact make for storage and portability
  • Excellent customer care services for the price you pay for this printer
  • Comes with a fantastic warranty for the price


  • Slightly expensive for the features available

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a powerful and best printers for printing, that guarantees you a high-quality check printing. You can try it now by making a purchase. You will realize that despite the high prices, the printer type is still an excellent value for money not only on paper but in real life as well.

10. Epson TM-H6000III Multistation Printer: Best print with advanced graphic barcode

Epson printers have continued to dominate the printing world. No wonder we included it on our review list. This printer is compact and thus stores well for you to use at home or office. The small design makes it portable and safe when carrying.

The printer model prints a thermal receipt, check, and slip printing. This is due to advanced graphic and barcode capacity of print. Henceforth, the printer becomes a versatile unit for your printing.

This multi-station printers for printing checks works correctly anywhere and prints on both sides of the check with a single pass. This makes your printing quick and cash saving. Also, you will print bulk work, thus improving your business. The great prints from the printing checks 2020 have the required quality hence accepted.

Lastly, the model is flexible and user friendly like these best 3d printer under 500. It has the best cable management system for simple use. Despite the fantastic features on this one of the best printers for printing, it is still cost-effective thus affordable price. If you are yet to purchase a multi-station printer, then try this model and see the outcomes.


  • Flexible make and user friendly features best printers
  • These printers produce good quality printouts
  • Multipurpose for printing other paper slips


  • Slightly big printer but fits perfectly in small spaces

Bottom Line

This inkjet printer for printing checks design beats the rest in the market. It is slightly big but still occupies less space on your countertop. If you want a timeless printer, then this is a tried and tested model you can rely on. Grab it today and see the print value.

Final Words

Our review of the 10 Best Checks printers for print offers business people like you the shortcut to save while getting good check prints with the help of these printers for printing checks. The recommended best printers have the best print features where you select and initiate the print command for results. Above all, any of the above features such as automatic duplex printing printer is simple to operate and print as compared to the standard features types.

Since the latest print technology inspires the best printers, you are sure that the paper system will work for you using the latest printer softwares for which we have a guide on how to setup wireless printer. Put aside the worry and buy one or several from this list to boost your business deals. Despite the high construction and detailed specifications, these best printers for printing checks are still affordable and will not break your wallet like an inkjet printer.

If you have questions about your check printing and the best printers you can get, then leave a reply in the comment box. We will respond and guide you further to ensure that you get the most profitable printer to print checks. Also, do check out our reviews of the Best Printer For Art Prints in 2021 and wide format printer.

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