TOP 3+ Best Printer for Teachers & Classrooms in 2022!

A printer is an essential tool for teachers. As an educator, you don’t need a high-end printer to accomplish your work. The most important aspects of a teacher’s printer are speed and operation costs.

You may get a printer at a crazy cheap price, then quickly get surprised by the amount of money you’re spending on replacement ink or find out it can’t hold up to the number of papers you print.

To avoid such problems, our guide of the best printers for teachers will assist you and walk you through the process of buying a printer suitable for all your job requirements. So, let’s get started!

TOP 3 Best Printers for Teachers

Best Overall Best Overall Epson EcoTank ET-2720
  • High Quality,
  • Low Running Costs
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Runner Up Runner Up Brother MFC L2710DW
  • High Speed,
  • Decent Quality
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#3 Pick #3 Pick  HP ENVY 505
  • All In One printer,
  • Affordable
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3 Best Printers For Teachers in 2021

1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720: Best Overall Printer For Teachers


Bulk printing is a part of most teachers’ jobs, and no teacher wants to get in debt buying replacement ink or refills for their devices.

For this reason, Epson has come up with the idea of the EcoTank that lets you refill with large economical ink bottles, which give the same yield of 80 individual cartridges, saving you a good chunk of cash in the process, making it one of the best printers for teachers.

The input tray can take up to 100 sheets, and the maximum duty cycle on one ink bottle is 7,500 color prints and 4,500 monochrome sheets. In short, it’ll be a long time before you order more ink.

Apart from the low printing costs, the printer excels in many areas. First, it’s an all-in-all printer that provides additional copying and scanning services just like these best sublimation printer for beginners, which comes in handy for teachers to copy study materials and scan their lectures.

It prints up to 5 pages per minute and twice that speed for black and white sheets. This may not be the fastest printing speed, yet it should be sufficient for printing student homework documents with no delay.

With a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi, the reproduced text from this color printer is clear with well-shaped characters. It also gives colorful handouts with little-to-no flaws and supports most of the popular paper sizes.

As for this color printer connectivity, you can order your prints from anywhere via WiFi or just use its wired connection like any other best 11×17 color laser printer.


  • Low running costs
  • Reasonable price
  • Sufficient speed
  • High-quality printouts
  • Easy-to-fill ink tanks
  • Multitasking
  • Small and lightweight body


  • Tricky set-up
  • Some complaints about the WiFi connection
  • No automatic duplexing

Bottom Line

When you consider the low printing costs in the long run, the overall price of Epson ET-2720 is a bargain. Its speed and capacity are more than sufficient for teachers to nail their prints in record time.

2. Brother MFC L2710DW: Best Budget Pick Printer 

Because a teacher’s life is full of tasks that need to be done at the double, Brother L2710DW is designed to take one of them off your shoulders and get the job done with incredible speed. With a high-capacity feeder that can take up to 250 sheets at one go and speed of 32 pages per minute, this is the fastest printer for teachers who do bulk printing.

Instead of inkjets, this classroom printer uses a toner cartridge, which is ideal for high-volume monochrome printing and saves you a lot of ink and paper like these 3d printing miniatures.

To further enhance the speed, it’s equipped with an automatic duplexing feature, which allows it to print on both sides without your interference. This feature will save you papers, time, and money. It also goes in line with the eco-friendliness concept that many schools adopt.

Forget about blurry images and faded ink because this unit’s print quality is excellent! The laser enhances the prints’ quality with a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi so that everything on the sheet is easy for students to see and comprehend.

Since a teacher’s duty isn’t limited to giving classes, it accommodates different paper sizes to allow for printing on envelopes and letter-sized papers for parents’ feedback letters. It also incorporates scanning, copying, and faxing features just like in these laser printer for chromebook.

Owing to wireless printer connectivity, you won’t have to worry about having a laptop close by or the mess of wires coming and going from everywhere with the help of our Mac connection guide.

Although it’s comparable to Epson in the price, it has better connectivity but has higher running costs. Unfortunately, it forces you to replace the toner when it says it’s low, even if there’s still enough for printing which doesn’t happen in best printer for printing checks


  • 250-sheet input capacity
  • High speed
  • Built-in wireless printing, Ethernet, and USB printing support
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Crispy printouts
  • Flexible paper handling


  • High operation costs
  • No LCD color display

Bottom Line

All in all, L2710DW is a fast multitasking printer that will help you in all aspects of your hard work and busy schedules. If you’re looking for a monochrome laser printer with high capacity and speed, this is your best pick. 

3.  HP ENVY 5055: Best Affordable Choice For Anyone

Because teachers don’t sit on piles of cash, sometimes the most affordable option is the best. That’s why we present ENVY 5055, which comes at an incredibly low price for a high-performance inkjet printer.

This wireless printer is especially suitable for art and craft teachers. It supports a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, which renders it capable of printing complex graphics with vivid colors along with sharp and clear text files that will keep your students engaged.

Since it’s a wireless all-in-one printer, it offers flawless scanning and copying pages services comparable to that of expensive multitasking wireless printers. Moreover, it has an auto-duplexing feature that allows you to save paper and time generally found in these best printer for envelopes.

The input tray can take up to 100 sheets at once, which means you won’t have to waste your classroom time on refilling papers. With a speed of 10 pages per minute for black prints and 7 for colored ones, it prints quickly enough to cover a teacher’s tasks.

It comes with a pair of preinstalled small cartridges that can last for 100 prints before needing replacement. This can’t be considered enough in any way, yet the good news is that it can be outfitted with high-capacity cartridges for mass printing.

As for the running costs, HP instant ink replacement subscription program guarantees you instant replacements at a bargain price. However, if you decide to ignore the HP Instant ink subscription, the replacement ink costs can be steep.

The wireless printing unit can connect wirelessly to your smartphone via wireless WiFi or Bluetooth, eliminating the nuisance of connecting wires.

One thing that we don’t like is that unlike Brother L2710DW, it supports ordinary A4 sheets only, so there’s no space for versatility in the sizes and formats of the papers used. In case you are looking for creative one, you might try a 500 dollar 3d printer.


  • Use high-yield cartridges
  • Perfect for art teachers
  • Crispy printouts
  • Color touchscreen
  • All-in-one
  • Sufficient speed and capacity


  • Difficult set-up
  • No ethernet connection

Bottom Line

This is a printer that any teacher can afford without hurting their savings or sacrificing the performance. If you value quality over speed, then opt for HP ENVY 5055 because it’s a multitasking printer that can print, copy and scan texts and images with ideal reliable printer quality.

How to Pick a Printer for Teachers – Buying Guide

Because the best printer out there isn’t always the right choice for everyone, you should think about what you’re going to use it for and what specs are going to serve your needs. Therefore, here’s a guide of the essential factors on which you should base your decision.

Inkjet vs. Laser Printer

The main difference between inkjet and laser printers is that the former applies wet ink on the paper tray and dries rapidly while the latter uses a powder mixture that bonds to the paper and forms texts and images.

Mostly, laser printers are monochrome only and more expensive. They reproduce higher-quality printouts which are generally used for art prints like these, yet they’re not the best laser printer option for teachers unless they want printers for bulk printing.

Inkjet printers may be sufficient for low-volume laser printer printing only, yet they can reproduce anything in black and white pages or in colors with adequate quality. Laser printer is more suitable for teachers, as they’re more versatile, meaning that they enable them to print anything from simple texts to complex graphics and colorful photo printer.

Print Ink Price – Things You Should Know

You’ll regularly need to buy refills and additional cartridges of ink, so you better add their costs to your assigned budget. Some of the cheapest printers use ink cartridges that cost almost as much as the printer, and using a cheap alternative can void your warranty. Hence, always check the ink’s price and if the company offers print ink cartridges subscriptions that reduce the print and running cost just like this least expensive 3d printer.

Color Vs. Monochrome

Bear in mind that color inkjet printers cost more than monochrome ones, so you have to consider whether you’re going to use this feature or not.

If you’re an art teacher who needs to print colored projects and images, then look for a color printer. However, if your requirements are limited to printing questionnaires, exams, and documents, then save yourself the extra expenses and buy a compatible monochrome one.


This refers to “dots per inch” and indicates the resolution of the printouts. Although print units with higher resolutions reproduce crispier images, it’s a waste of ink to use the one with the highest possible resolution.

The least you can aim for is a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. This will make your school documents look compatible and fine. If you teach an art course, you will make use of the details that a 1200 x 1200 dpi printer shows. Nonetheless, anything higher than that would be an overkill.


A printer’s speed is shown by the PPM features, which is the number of papers that it can print per minute. You’ll find different variations on the market, starting from 5 PPM to more than 25 PPM.

Given that it’s a crucial computer features aspect, the best printer for teachers should have an average of 15-20 PPM for black-and-white papers print as well as 10-15 PPM for colored print.


If the pages printer offers a wired connection, you can connect it to your compatible laptop or PC via a USB port. However, some models provide wireless printer connection via WiFi or Bluetooth wireless connectivity so that you can order the print from your smartphone. Others support Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint, which allows you to print documents remotely from your home or car.


Automatic duplexing enables you to work as scanner/copier and print paper on both sides of the paper tray without manually flipping the pages over. It’s a nice feature that saves time and paper.

Additional Features

While standalone computer printers can do the job, an all-in-one device is the best for teachers, since copying reports and scanning documents is a part of their job as well. 

Purchasing a multitasking printer may add to the print price, but the extra bells and whistles are worth the additional print  expenses.

Final Verdict

From what we’ve seen on the market, these are the top printers for teachers to help them go through their daily tasks with ease and speed. There’s no ultimate choice, yet you’ve got to weigh your computer needs against what the printer offers.

If you do a huge amount of prints daily and the running costs are your major concern, opt for Epson ET-2720, as it uses the most economical ink bottles. Brother L2710DW is the best choice for teachers who want a fast monochrome printer that can print and cope with high-volume pages print runs.

Finally, if the cheapest print route is what’s in your mind, go for ENVY 5055, as it comes at a low price without compromising the standards. 

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