How To Connect HP Printer To Wifi [EASY SOLUTION] in 2022

A lot of the customers complain that they encounter different issues while connecting their HP printer to Wi-Fi.

Sometimes, the customers also do not know how to connect the HP printer to Wifi or wireless network, once they bring a new printer home.

If you are one of those, read on!

So, How To Connect HP Printer To Wifi

In order to connect HP Printer to wifi:

  • Download the Printer drivers from HP Support Page. Once it is downloaded, install the software and put the model number of your printer. You have to download the software that is compatible with your operating system and then you just follow the on-screen instructions to get it installed.
  • Switch on the printer and then run the software HP auto wireless connect. When you run the printer software, you will be taken to choose the option for the network connection type- (wireless/Ethernet).
  • Choose the wireless network option to get the HP printer safely connected to the WI-FI. It will take a few minutes to complete the job. Once it is done, your screen will display the option to finish the process.
  • Click on ‘Finish’ and start printing as your printer is ready.

When you get the best printer for teachers that has HP auto wireless connect, your work is almost done. When you connect the printer to your PC, the automatic feature will allow your printer connected to the network automatically.

You do not have to put passwords or any other details or connect any cables to make the connection. However, there are some steps that you have to follow in order to use the printer. For mac, you can use our guide on how to connect macbook to printer wirelessly.

How do I connect my HP printer to Wifi Direct

There are ways by which you can connect wireless printer to your tablets, computers or even smart phones without a wireless router and get your printing job done with the help of our recommended printers.

There are mainly two ways to it- HP Wireless Direct and W-Fi Direct. You just need to connect the device that you are using to the HP’s Wi-Fi through a wireless setup wizard.

To connect my HP printer to Wifi Direct:

  • Switch on the control panel of the printer and then turn on the HP’s Wi-Fi network or HP Wireless direct. You can go to the wireless settings menu and choose wireless direct to get connected.
  • You can see your wireless connection is active and immediately you can start the printing session with the help of wireless router.

 Wireless set up using wireless setup wizard

Connecting your HP cardstock printers like these with wifi network is possible with wizard wireless set up. Follow these simple steps to do the same. However, you should remember that this method is only applied when you have a printer with a graphics display.

  • If your printer is connected with any USB or ethernet cable, make sure to unplug those and then switch on the printer.
  • Go on the network menu from the control panel of the printer. After that, you have to select the wireless settings and then tap on the wizard menu.
  • You can find your network name and get connected to it by simply clicking on the network name.
  • Once you have clicked on the network name, and input the password and it is connected click on OK.

Once done, you might face hp printer offline issue for a brief period. But worry not, our tutorial can help you fix that.

Connection with Push Button

To get your printer connected to Wi-Fi direct by using the push button, you have to have WPS support push button mode. This simple push button will allow you to get the job done instantly.

  • On your HP printer, you will have a push button. However, in case there is no push button in your printer like in these 11×17 printers, you have to follow other simple steps.
  • Activate the wireless protected setup from the wireless menu.
  • Once you complete the setup by following the on-screen instruction, you can select the WPS menu.
  • You will get the option to press the WPS button on your wireless router.
  • Once you press the button, your wireless printer will be connected to WIFI network within 2 minutes.

Manual Ways to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

If you want to know how to connect your HP printer to Wi-fi network manually, these trouble-free steps are a must to follow. To ensure a manual installation, you have to install the printer driver in your computer. To do that you can connect the sublimation printer to your PC or laptop by using a USB cable.

Steps of connecting printer to Wi-Fi manually:

  • Use the software setup process to connect to the wireless network.
  • You will get the options for wireless connection from where you can choose your network.
  • Enter the password of your network to get the connection with your printer
  • To save your credentials, click on ‘DONE’
  • Your printer will be connected to the wi-fi network

Additional Steps to Get an Easy Wi-fi Connection (wi-fi protected setup)

Knowing some additional steps are always helpful for you to get through any problem that you might face while connecting your HP printer to Wi-Fi direct.

HP Wireless Direct Connection Process with printer:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the control panel of the HP Printer to activate Wi-Fi direct or HP Wireless Direct option. Either reach the Network setup or navigate to the wireless settings. You can however try reaching the HP wireless direct icon. Once that’s done, turn on the connection.
  • Step 2:  There’s another alternative to connect Wi-Fi direct or HP Wireless Direct option with wi-fi protected setup. It’s quite similar to any other option that you generally use for connecting with wireless gadgets or devices.
  • Step 3: By choosing the printer Wi-Fi direct option or HP wireless direct on security, a WPA2 password will be prompted to you. That way, you can access Wi-Fi network connection to integrate with HP printer.
  • Step 4: Open a doc file, photo etc. that you want to print in your desktop/laptop by connecting with the HP printer and choose the File and then forward it to print.
  • Step 5: If you’re willing to connect the Wi-Fi printer with your mobile devices and using a wi-fi protected setup, you might tap the print option from the app menu. If you find that the app is not supporting the printing option, you may install the updated version of HP Printer Service Plugin app.

There are plenty of ways to connect an HP Printer with a wireless network desktop, mobile, laptop, etc. As a user you might try any of these above mentioned guidelines shared above to connect a HP Printer with your required devices through wireless network even in the case of photo printer (check out these).

The Final Thought 

It is indeed annoying to wait for a document to get printed when you have a lot of work to do and you are in a hurry specially when you are using one of the best laser printer for printing single checks. So, we have come up with effective ways to ensure a flawless connection of your HP printer to Wi-Fi.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to do this single job of connecting an HP printer to Wi-Fi direct. If you follow these simple steps explained in this guide, you can easily do it yourself. Also, you can follow these steps for Canon printer!

Following these easy steps of connecting your HP printer to wi-fi (wireless network)will make your printing session totally effortless. However, sometimes your HP printer can encounter certain issues while getting the network connection. You can try updating your printer driver to solve the issue. You can update the printer driver automatically or manually. Also, make sure to check out our review of 3d printing miniatures. Before you go, you might want to check out fix for hp printer printing blank pages issues!

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