[EASY FIX] HP Printer Power Light Blinking Issue RESOLVED

Although there are a variety of Printers available in the market, HP printers are known to be one of the best.

Both their inkjet and laser-jet printers have been very popular amongst many users however a very common issue that the users face with these printers is when the HP printer’s power light starts blinking.

In today’s article, we will know how to fix this technical issue easily.

So, How to Fix HP Printer Power Light Blinking Issue?

In order to fix HP Printer Power Light Blinking Issue – disconnect all wires/wireless connections and then go ahead and restart the printer. This will make the pritner establish the connections once again and will solve the power light blinking issue.

However, if it doesn’t, you can try the steps below.

How to reset HP printer?

In order to reset HP printer, you have to:

  • Switch off the printer
  • Unplug the power cord completely from the power outlet
  • Wait for at least a minute
  • Now plug the cord into the power outlet once again
  • Switch in the printer

If the power light stops blinking then be assured that the problem is fixed. In case the power light still blinks then you might have to try another method which is

How to remove HP Printer cartridge?

If the first method was not successful then you should try this second method which is removing the cartridges from the printer. To do so

  • Turn off the printer
  • Remove the cartridges slowly and carefully from the back of the printer panel
  • Now unplug the power cord completely from the power outlet
  • If the USB cord is connected to the printer it needs to be disconnected too
  • Now wait for 60 seconds
  • Turn on the printer once again
  • Connect the USB cord to the printer again
  • Connect the power cord to the printer and turn it on

Remove HP Printer Cartridge

If the lights have stopped blinking that means that the problem is resolved. Let us now understand why does the power lights on your HP printer blink at all.

Why does the HP Printer power light start blinking?

The power light on your HP printer is meant to blink at a steady pace whenever the printer is being used and a printing job is being processed. However, if the power light starts blinking faster than usual then in all probable cases it indicates that there is a technical error with the cartridges.

Printer Power Light

In all probable cases, the power blinking lights indicate that the door of the ink cartridge is open and it needs to be closed properly.

  • The other reasons why the power light starts blinking could be
  • Because the print cartridge is blocked and it is unable to move
  • There could be a reason that the paper inside the printer has got jammed and needs to be cleared
  • The cartridges could be facing an issue such as ink is over or they are not fixed properly
  • The power light also blinks rapidly if the printer needs to be reset due to any technical error
  • Another reason for the power lights to start blinking rapidly is when there are no papers in the input tray or the printer’s output tray is not closed properly or is open.

At times apart from the white power light blinking you might notice an orange light blinking on your HP printer. Let us now understand what the orange blinking light indicates

Why is the orange light blinking on my HP printer?

Usually when the HP printer starts showing an orange light blinking it indicates that there is an issue with the printer cartridge or the toner of the printer.

Sometimes it can also start blinking because the settings of the printer are corrupted and the configuration needs to be changed. Let us now understand how to fix the orange light which is blinking on the HP printer.

How to fix if HP printer orange light starts blinking?

To fix the orange light which is flashing on your printer rapidly, you will have to follow the given instructions carefully such as

  • Keep the printer turned on and carefully disconnect the power cord from the printer by pulling it off and keeping it aside
  • Now unplug the power cord from its source as well
  • You should now wait for a minute or two
  • Now reconnect the power cord to the outlet and the printer once again
  • Your printer will now turn on and restart itself
  • Once the printer is ready try printing something to check if the issue is fixed

In case restarting the printer doesn’t help and solve the problem then you must get some professional help or take the printer to the service center to get the hardware and configuration settings checked.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article today and found it useful. Hopefully the next time your HP printer’s power light starts blinking rapidly this article will be able to help and guide you in fixing the issue.

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