[FIX] Why Is My HP Printer Offline : 3 EASY Solutions!

Whether you are at work or at home, the need for a printer is always there. Most of us who work with computers will usually have printers around us.

They make our life easier but at times poses challenges too. Especially, when they go offline. Do you know how to fix your printer if it goes offline? Or, do you know why it can go offline?

So, Why Is My HP Printer Offline?

Your HP printer is offline because there could be a connection issue and your printer might not be able to communicate with your computer or laptop. This can also happen if the network cable is damaged or is not connected to the device properly.

There are a few more reasons why your printer might be showing offline hence before troubleshooting the printer and adjusting with its settings we recommend you to check if your printer is turned on because at times the printers might not be turned on due to a problem with the power button of the printer or maybe there could be an issue with the power cable too.

Other reasons why your HP printer is showing offline could be because of two different WIFI connections. If you are using a wireless printer then make sure that both your device and the printer are connected to the same wifi network.

Also sometimes when there is a heavy load of printing the cartridges and the printer door tend to get jammed due to which also your HP printer might show offline.

Sometimes when the drivers in the printer are not updated even then you may receive a message saying your printer is offline.

So next time you are seeing the offline error check on the above situations once. Mentioned below are different ways on how to fix your HP printer from being offline to online.

How to fix an HP Printer Offline Issue

To fix your HP printer offline issue:

  1. Check if USB cables are working fine and are connected to your computer
  2. Check the connection between the computer and the printer is established
  3. Ensure the power cable of the printer is working 
  4. Ensure the printer & the computer are connected to the same wi-fi network

Apart from this also ensure that the Printer port is connected to the right driver without which the connection will never be successful.

How to check if Printer is properly connected to Port in Laptop and Desktop

To check the printer port connected to your computer open the Devices and Printers menu and then Printer Properties. Here you can select the ports that need to be activated. Here are the detailed steps to do it.

  1. Click on Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound
  2. Now click on Devices and Printers and right-click on the name of your HP printer from the list
  3. Select Printer properties and a list of drop-down will pop out
  4. Select Port
  5. Now ensure that the description of the port matches with the connection of your printer. Don’t forget to check the IP description as well to double-check
  6. If there is a discrepancy between the port description and the IP description go to Port settings
  7. On the options that pop out check for the port description that matches your IP description and click on Enable bidirectional support
  8. Click on ok and then click on Configure Port and click ok again
  9. Restart your printer to see if it has turned online now and has started functioning.
  10. The other method of fixing your HP printer from being offline to online is by clearing any paper jamming issues in the printer.

If you have a canon printer, you can check our guide to connect canon printer to wifi without wps!

How to Fix a Paper Jam in a Hp Printer

To clear the paper jam from your HP printer: 

  1. Check on the stock of papers lying in your printer. If they are less then add more to it
  2. Towards the rear side of the printer, there is an access door that needs to be opened by turning the knob counter-clockwise
  3. Pull the door open
  4. If you see any jammed paper inside the printer pull them all out
  5. Now check on the printers cartridges level as well
  6. If all looks ok then close the door once again and lock it

If your HP printer still shows offline after cleaning the paper jam you can try the second method which is switching the

How to switch HP printers from offline to online manually?

To switch an HP printer from offline to online, you will need to go into the Device Manager and then in the Printer section set the printer online.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Turn on your computer and click on start
  2. Now go to Control Panel
  3. Open the Hardware and Sound Tab
  4. Click on Device and Printers
  5. Now move your cursor to the Questions section and right-click on it
  6. Now choose the option “See what’s printing”
  7. Click on the printer which is on the top of the page and select all the pending prints that it is  showing
  8. A menu will pop up in front of you. Select the option “Use Printer Online”
  9. Now click on done and close all the windows

Restart your computer and your printer. Your HP printer should now be turned into online mode and you should be able to use it without any interruptions.


We hope you enjoyed reading the article today and found it useful and interesting. The methods we provided here must be tried one by one before you decide to buy a new printer. So the next time you get an error that your HP printer is offline we hope that you will refer to this article and this will help and guide you to fix the issue easily.

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