WPS PIN for HP Printer – How To Find and Connect [SOLVED]

Wi-Fi has revolutionized the way we use our devices and it essentially helps us get rid of a wired setup for most of our hardware. Even printers now come with wireless features and there is no longer a need to use long, messy cables on your workstation. But when you set up printers, especially HP printers, you sometimes are asked for a WPS PIN.

So, What is the WPS PIN for HP printer?

The WPS PIN is a Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN that is required to make a connection between the HP printer and a computer or laptop. It usually is an 8-digit PIN and needs to be entered while establishing a wireless connection.

So, now that you know what a WPS PIN is, you can find out the WPS PIN either on the printer, through the print setup page, or via the Control Panel on the printer.

Here are the detailed steps to do it.

How to find WPS PIN for HP Printer via the Control Panel?

In order to find WPS PIN for HP Printer via the Control Panel:

  • On the HP printer, press the Wireless button and navigate to Settings
  • Click on the WPS option and follow on-screen instructions
  • You will be prompted to PIN. Tap on it and the WPS PIN will be shown there

How to find WPS PIN for HP Printer via the setup page printout?

You can also locate the WPS PIN via the printer information sheet printout. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • On the printer, press and hold the Cancel (X) button for a few seconds
  • You will see the Ready light blinking. Now release the Cancel (X) button
  • The printer will automatically print out the Configuration page that should contain the WPS PIN

How to find the WPS PIN on an HP printer or router?

The WPS PIN is often printed on the bottom side of the printer or its side. Check the printer for labeling and you should be able to locate the PIN.

At times, the wireless router will also have a label for the WPS PIN and you can check the same for the WPS PIN label as well.

How to connect HP Printer to wifi using WPS PIN?

To establish a wireless connection between the HP printer and another device with the WPS PIN, you will need to go into the Printer Control Panel and then browse through the WPS settings.

HP Printer WPS PIN

Here is what you can do.

  • Restart your printer and then click the Wireless Button on the Control Panel
  • You should see a blue light blinking indicating that the wireless service is switched on
  • Click on WPS on the printer Control Panel
  • Select WPS PIN and you should get a new PIN
  • This PIN will need to be entered on your connected device and the connection will be established successfully

How to connect an HP Printer Without a screen using a WPS Button?

In case your HP printer does not have a display, you can use the WPS button to establish the wireless connection. This can be used in conjunction with the WPS button on the router to establish the connection.

  • Restart the HP printer and press the wireless button on the device
  • You will see the blue light flickering indicating that wireless is now switched on
  • On your wireless router, locate the WPS button and press it for about 5 seconds
  • The route will also show a flickering LED light and once the connection is established between the printer and the route, both the LEDs will become stable

How to check WPS PIN or wireless network password on Windows 10?

To check the WPS PIN through a Windows 10 device, you can navigate to the wi-fi settings and then click on the Security tab to see the current password. Here are the steps to do it.

Windows Wireless Network Password

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings and look for the Adaptor Options
  • When you find the wireless connection listed, right-click on it and then select Status
  • Under the Connection window, click on Wireless Properties and then the Security tab
  • You will see the protected password there. Click on Show Characters to reveal the password

How to check the WPS PIN or wireless network password on MacOs?

To check the WPS PIN through a Macbook or iMac, you will have to open the Utilities app and then access the Keychain feature where the WPS password is stored. Follow the steps below.

  • Open Finder and on the menu on top, click on Go and then Utilities
  • Click on Keychain Access

Keychain Access

  • Now select Local Items
  • There under the Category option, you will see Passwords. Click on it
  • When you see the wireless connection listed there, double click on it and then select Show Password

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions along with the appropriate responses that will help diagnose and rectify your printer issues.

1. Can the WPS PIN be reset repeatedly?

Yes, you can change the WPS PIN as and when required. Just follow the steps we mentioned in this article to set up the WPS PIN for an HP printer.

2. Will all printers come with a WPS button?

Well not really. But most new route models do have the WPS button at the back of the device

3. Is the WPS PIN the same as the wi-fi password?

Even though the WPS PIN and wi-fi password are different features, their job is to protect the safety of the connection. To access the WPS PIN, you need to be near the device but the wi-fi password can be accessed remotely as well.


Finding an HP printer’s WPS PIN should now be a piece of cake for you since you have multiple options listed in this article to help you out. And if you are still struggling with the WPS PIN and none of the solutions listed above helped you out, then you can always contact HP support for a resolution.

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